Edna the Inebriate Woman dvd (1971) (Check homepage for outside uk p&p details)

£ 5.99 

 Edna the Inebriate Woman - PLAY FOR TODAY 1971 DVD

Jeremy Sandford ,authour of Cathy Come Home,has written three novels made from his controversial and moving BBC-TV series.They tell the stories of some of those who like Cathy,become outcasts from our society.

Edna the Enibriate Woman stars Patricia Hayes who is an homeless down and out looking for food and shelter through the steets of Britain today.Edna is a wholly individual character,sometimes tragic sometimes uproariously comic,dedicated in many moodsa and circumstances,she is in turn outrageous and pathetic but always enderingly,richly human,

 Edna the Inebriate Woman was made for tv as a Play for Today and still stands the test of time

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