International Velvet dvd 1978

£ 5.99 

A great sequel to the 1944 classic National Velvet.This time a young American girl is sent to live with her Aunt and Auncle after her family are killed in a car crash.There her love for horse's grows and soon she is picked for the British Olympic team were she is a juniorin the event.We wont give to much away as the film must be seen to be truly enjoyed,International Velvet stars Anthony Hopkins,Christopher Plummer,Tatum o'Neal and Nanette Newman.

ATTENTION-All the dvd's sold have been transfered to dvd-r region '0' format and should play on 99% of all dvd recorders and pc's.So please make sure you have a multi region dvd recorder before placing your order.All dvd's are checked before shipped to make sure they are right for you

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